Resources for geography teachers

Resources for geography teachers

Free geography resources: geography lesson plans, ideas, activities, geography teaching ideas and much more.

Teaching Resources - Education National Geographic: Teaching resources, organized according to grade level, by the National Geographic.

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- 25 Ideias Para A Aula De Geografia
25 Creatively simple Ideas for teaching geography View more presentations from TonyCassidy ...

- Elogio Do Ensino Da Geografia
Without geography, the world would be a mystery to usDavid Lambert The Duke of York might have boasted to an audience of businessmen in Kyrgyzstan that the UK has "the best geography teachers in the world" – but Ofsted isn't so sure. Its latest...

- Publicações
"21st century teacher" é uma brochura que ajuda os professores a enfrentar o desafio de utilizar a tecnologia no quotidiano escolar, fornecendo exemplos de estudos de caso, sugestões práticas e dicas para o professor que se quer manter "na onda"....

- O Ensino Da Geografia Nos Eua
Making the Case for Geography in our Schools Christina Salas 10 December 2008 In the wake of the recent presidential election, an increased level of interest has surfaced in this country over foreign issues. While domestic economic issues arguably dominated...

- Os Exames De Geografia Noutros Países
GEOGRAPHY EXAMS GO FROM PHYSICAL TO HUMAN "Geography exam papers have seen more changes in the past 10 years than in the previous 100, with the emphasis now very much on the impact of human activity on the world. That’s the finding of research looking...